The 2015 Morocco Trek With the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

As part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (one of the world’s leading youth initiatives where young people are gifted awards for achieving positive goals), volunteers are able to travel to a number of countries around the world and take part in various challenging activities. Some of these activities are designed to test the individual, while others are more focused on helping communities, but regardless of the scope of each initiative, they are all aimed at helping young people develop into caring, positive and conscientious adults.

In Africa, these awards have been supported by many forward thinking individuals including Nigeria’s Tunde Folawiyo, a member of the Duke of Edinburgh’s World Fellowship project – another worthwhile youth initiative which can be read about in greater detail, alongside other philanthropic pursuits, on Tunde Folawiyo’s Slideshare page. There are numerous key projects like these which work tirelessly to benefit the world’s young people, and through their association with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, many of them can help the youth of today explore their limits, developing skills Tunde Folawiyoand talents which will serve them well into adulthood. One such project is the 2015 Morocco Duke of Edinburgh Trek.

The Morocco Trek is just one of a number of initiatives offered by the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award’s African affiliates. What makes this project special, however, is that it is open to individuals. Most other initiatives are only available to school classes. While school projects are just as important, it is a positive move from the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award organizers to include one open to individuals, especially considering that the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is open to those up to the age of 24.

For anyone considering entering into the Morocco trek programme as part of the 2015 project for DofE, it is critical that they are aware what the itinerary will be composed of, just to make sure they are fully prepared. Once signed up, the project will consist of:

  1. First Day: A flight to Marrakesh where volunteers will be able to soak up the atmosphere and acclimatise to their new surroundings.
  2. Days 2 to 3: Initially volunteers will be escorted around the city before visiting the Atlas Mountains and the incredibly remote settlements in that region.
  3. Days 4 to 6: Volunteers will then be encouraged to take part in an environmental initiative within a village community. This is where they will gain insight and essential experience of interacting with locals and their customs, while taking part in an initiative which will benefit both the local wildlife and its human inhabitants.
  4. Days 7 to 10: At this stage volunteers will begin the trek through the Toubkai wilderness, including camping and exploring the incredible surroundings.
  5. Day 11 – 12: The trek will then terminate in Essaouira and the volunteers will be able to explore the town and enjoy the local beach.
  6. Day 13: Volunteers will travel to Marrakesh and enjoy the great city for one more night before returning home.

Projects such as the 2015 Morocco DofE Trek initiative continue to help further develop the conscientious abilities of the youth of the world, while actively benefiting communities around Africa.

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