The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Tunde FolawiyoThe Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, a prestigious award promoting the continued success of today’s youth, has long served as a beacon of hope for many young students. The mission of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is to inspire confidence, hard work and dedication for those committed to a life of professional and social success. Tunde Folawiyo, as well as other individuals, is a Fellow of the Duke of Edinburgh’s World Fellowship, which helps to support and develop the programme.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award places a heavy focus on self-progression. Implementing a variety of strategies to form a comprehensive programme for its participants, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award stresses the importance of community involvement and volunteering, living a healthy lifestyle and planning and training for life’s challenges, both in the professional realm and in personal responsibility.

There are three levels of accomplishment in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award: a Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, all of which require completion of programs built to challenge and nurture at once.

There are ways to support the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award’s goal of inspiring today’s youth for a better tomorrow. Whether it’s through volunteering or through the contribution of monetary donations, each proponent of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a key player in developing young people’s character and professional success throughout the UK. The knowledge acquired through the programme is invaluable for participants and with the help of many sponsors, the DofE is able to continue its work as the world’s leading achievement award for young people.

As a charity, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award relies heavily on corporate and personal involvement to assist them in the everlasting success of the organisation. Contributors like Nigerian businessman and philanthropist Tunde Folawiyo are instrumental in supporting this charity’s mission. Due to the outstanding support these initiatives have garnered, the DofE shows no signs of slowing down. With your help, 300,000 young people every year will benefit immensely from the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award programme. Encouraging each young person to learn the values of hard work, respect and determination, the DofE provides a constant source of support for today’s youth. With over 11,000 centres fostering the imminent growth of students aged between 14 and 24, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award serves as an irreplaceable entity in offering youth the opportunity to improve their lives and those around them. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards partners, trustees, and hundreds of thousands of participants are forever impacted by the immeasurable positivity employed by the life skills acquired while under the programme.

As a Fellow of the Duke of Edinburgh’s World Fellowship, Tunde Folawiyo is committed to encouraging youth development throughout Africa and beyond.

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