DofE Silver level celebrations | Tunde Folawiyo

Like the other fellows that support the DofE, Tunde Folawiyo understands the importance of acknowledging the hard work that participants undertake to complete the Silver level activities. Many of those who have just joined the DofE programme dream of the day when they will be given their Silver certificate. It’s a great honour, and serves as proof of the recipient’s ability to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. To receive this award, participants who have already completed their Bronze activities must spend a minimum of six months on their Tunde FolawiyoSilver level activities, whilst those who have not received the Bronze award are required to spend at least a year at this stage.

Silver Award Presentations (often abbreviated to SAPs) are held five times a year, in order to publically acknowledge the hard work undertaken by DofE participants at this level. The support provided by organisations such as the Duke of Edinburgh World Fellowship, which fellows including Tunde Folawiyo support, and the help of Local Authorities is what allows the DofE committee to continue to hold these important ceremonies. Most participants will be invited to a SAP within six months of finishing their Silver activities, provided their licensed organisation has sent off their Silver Award Notification form for approval.

Recently, a ceremony of this kind was held for a group of young people from Yorkshire. In total, 36 participants received their awards, which were handed out by the DofE Regional Director Neil Forrest, the Lord Mayor of Bradford and Councillor Khadim Hussain. Speaking at the event, Councillor Hussain congratulated all of the recipients, praising them for their determination and hard work. He finished by saying that it was an impressive achievement, and that they should all be very proud of themselves. Neil Forrest was equally complimentary, stating that it had been wonderful to watch so many young people flourish and grow as individuals.

A similar event was held in Glasgow this month at the High Tunstall College of Science. Over the course of the evening, 18 students received their Silver awards, after having worked tirelessly for more than a year on their Volunteer, Skills, Physical and Expedition activities. The college’s assistant head teacher, Mick Fenwick, said that he and the other staff members were ‘extremely proud’ of the recipients, noting that their achievement was a testament to both the students and the teachers who were involved in the delivery of the DofE programme. One of the recipients, named Harriet, explained that her activities at Silver level had provided her with memories that she will treasure for the rest of her life.